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270 x Assorted Pozi Passivated Wood Screws in Organiser Box

by Spax
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Product Description



Spax® Wood Screws and Pen Knife


270 Assorted Screws in a Polycarbonate Case



All the most popular screw sizes.

Zinc and yellow passivated.

Pozi screw heads.

SPAX patented technology with serated edges.

Pack includes a Victorinox pen knife.



Product Contents75 pcs   3.0 x 16mm35 pcs   3.5 x 25mm30 pcs   3.5 x 35mm30 pcs   4.0 x 20mm50 pcs   4.0 x 30mm50 pcs   4.0 x 30mm30 pcs   4.0 x 40mm20 pcs   5.0 x 60mm


Key Features 

Plated to withstand corrosion.Precision pozi drive recess.Unique serration on thread.


A Spax screw is different. It's a combination of 4CUT point, MULTIhead and patented ground serrations making a Spax screw one of the best wood screws on the market. The 4CUT point bores into wood and divides the fibres, while the deep thread with ground serrations drives the screw on. This prevents the material from splitting. The patented MULTIhead has countersinking and stopping qualities at the same time. The ribs cut into the wooden surface, trimming off the drilled hole. The head can be driven home flush with the wood surface quickly and easily. The ribs also help prevent thread stripping when fixing hinges etc. Spax screws give trouble-free fastening in all varieties of materials: hard or soft wood, plastics or thin sheet metal. Zinc yellow passivated.