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300 x Brown, Red & Yellow Wall Raw Plugs Expansion Fixings

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Product Description



Assorted Heavy Duty Raw Wall Plugs


Pack of 300



Interior and exterior use.

Designed with a 2-way expansion system.

Provides rapid fixing with high pull out values.

For brick stone masonry and concrete.

Other raw plugs available in our shop.


100 x Yellow raw plugs drill size: 5mm.

100 x Red raw plugs drill size: 5.5mm.

100 x Brown raw plugs drill size: 7mm.


Yellow size: 5mm x 25mm   /   Drill size: 5mm  /  Screw size: No.4 - 8. Red size: 5.5mm x 34mm   /   Drill size: 5.5mm  /  Screw size: No.6 - 10. Brown size: 7 mm x 40mm   /   Drill size: 7mm  /  Screw size: No.10 - 14.