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52 x Plasplugs Assorted Wall Raw Fixings for Concrete Brick & Plasterboard

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Product Description



Plasplug Plasterboard Plug Fixings


Pack of 52


Brand: Plasplug.

Incorporates the four most popular sizes of plugs.

Plugs have multi-action grip, expanding barrels, anti-rotate ribs and barbed jaws.

Suitable for concrete, bricks and plasterboard.

Suitable for hollow cavity walls and plasterboards.

Unique geometry guarantees maximum expansion and grip.

Other raw plugs and fixings available in our shop.



5 x 30mm. Qty 8.

6.5 x 35mm. Qty 20.

8 x 39mm. Qty 16.

10 x 45mm. Qty 8.



1. Choose the size fixing you want to use.

2. Select the correct Drill size using the provided drill gauge.

3. Drill Hole using a masonry drill bit for solid walls or a HSS bit for plasterboard.

4. Insert the fixing flush with the surface (tap in with Hammer if needed)

5. Use the provided screw gauge to select the correct screw size.

6. Secure the fixture with a woodscrew, ensuring the screw reaches the main body of the fixing.