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Garage Drainage Pack & Accessories (3x 1m)

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Product Description

Garage Drainage Water Gully Pack & Accessories (3x 1m)

  • Manthorpeblack linear drainage channels.
  • For removing unwanted standing water into a domestic drain.
  • The protective grate is high-heel and child friendly.
  • Suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular use on driveways.
  • Product sits flush with the floor, allowing for the passage of vehicles on a driveway.
  • Channels can be cut to length and clipped together easily for ease of installation.
  • Multiple vertical water outlet positions 7 easy cut out holes per metre.
  • Fits to a standard 4 inch underground plastic drainage pipe.
  • Drain can be fitted on driveways, patios and paths around the home.
  • Grates once installed can be removed for easy cleaning.


Polypropylene so does not bend out of shape like traditional metal grates

Load tested and gained an A15 load rating in accordance with BS EN 1433:2002.
Fully certified to A15 BS EN 1433:2002.

3x 1M drainage channels.
2x Channel stop end caps.
1x Leaf trap.

Length 1000mm, Width: 119mm, depth: 88mm

Key Features

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Can be cut to any length.
  • Clip-down grate for simple installation.
  • High heel and child-friendly grate.
  • Channels clip together for easy on-site fabrication.
  • Numerous optional vertical water outlet positions.
  • Choice of black or metallic effect silver grate coverings.