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Premium French Euro Driving Travel Kit

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Product Description



French European Travel Kit 


NF Approved Twin Pack Breathalysers and Light Deflectors

12 Piece Kit



Complete and comprehensive travel kit of all of the essentials needed while travelling through Europe.

This European kit will make sure you are well prepared for your journey.

It is compulsory to carry certain items while driving through Europe by not carrying these legal requirements fines could be imposed.



Pack Contents

1 x Large warning triangle European Standard.1 x Medium warning triangle European standard.2 x Hi visibility vest universal fit.1 x Light deflectors.1 x Fire blanket.2 x Alcoproof breathalyser – twin pack NF French legal.1 x Standard bulb car kit ( Bulbs kits may vary )1 x GB magnetic sign. 1 x 9 Led torch with batteries.1 x Kit bag.




As from the 1st of July 2012 all vehicles travelling in France must carry an approved for France alcohol breathalyser.

The AlcoProof breathalyser has been specifically tested and accredited in accordance with the NF X20702 Standards French Approved.

This breathalyser is designed to alert you at the lower French drink drive limit of 0.5% BAC.

UK limit is 0.8% and UK calibrated breathalysers will NOT accepted by France.



Headlight Deflectors

Fits all vehicles.

Prevents headlamp damage using heat mirror foil.

Upgraded performance for xenon / HID headlamps. 

Latest UV protection.

Can be used on traditional head light glass lenses too.

Full fitting instructions for all vehicles.

New Technology released for 2013. 


Warning Triangles  Warning Triangles can be placed on the road to alert other drivers if you have a breakdown or emergency.

They're a legal requirement in most EU nations, although the number required differs from country to country. When driving in Spain, the law states motorists should use two warning triangles.

 The Universal bulb kit includes contains the most common bulbs used in vehicles. Please check your vehicle specifications.