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Terracotta Plain In-line Roof Tile Vent & Pipe Adapter for Concrete and Clay Tiles

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Product Description



Terracotta Plain In-line Roof Tile Vent and Adapter


Fits Concrete and Traditional Clay Plain Tiles



Terracotta roof tile ventilator.

In-line and discreet low profile design.

For roof ventilation, extractor fans and soil pipe termination.

Can be used with concrete and traditional clay plain tiles.

Fully independently wind tunnel tested.

Adaptor converts to a round opening that can be attached to a soil stack or extractor fan with a 100mm - 120mm PVC hose.



Kit Contents

1 x Tile vent.

1 x Tile vent adapter. 



Tile Specification:

Width: 331mm.

Height: 330mm.

Vent tile performance: free airflow 7,000mm²

Complies fully with relevant Building Regulations and British standards.

Manufactured with UV stable materials to reduce colour fade.

Other colours available in shop.