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9" x 3" Extendable Cavity Wall Sleeve Air Brick Gas Ventilator

by Timloc
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Extendable Cavity Sleeve Airbrick Vent  


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9 x 3 inch    


This vent is to increase the airflow in a room to eliminate condensation with this 
Sleeve vent for heat producing appliances.

Extends to suit wall thickness of 260mm - 360mm.

Extension sleeves available.

Ventilation for heating and gas appliances.

9" x 3" louvre vent for internally and air brick for externally.

Aesthetically pleasing and simple to install modular system.

Meets requirements for British Gas.

6 Different colour air bricks.   

Provides an equivalent area of 5500mm² and each unit is suitable for venting appliances up to 28.7kW (98,000Btu) rated input.          



To provide ventilation for heat producing appliances
To provide background room ventilation
Individual ventilation sets can supply up to maximum appliance rated input of 18kW (61,500 Btu/h)
For new build, refurbishment and remedial work


Features & benefits

Aesthetically pleasing and a simple to install modular system
Excellent airflow properties
Independently tested by BRE
Offers reduction of draughts and light compared to basic through wall ventilation
Cowl or air brick version available
Internal baffle with aerodynamic design improves airflow
Internal finish with open louvre grille (options with Hit & Miss available to special request, but not suitable for heat producing appliances.



Equivalent area tested to BS EN13141-1:2004
Compliant with BS 5440-2:2000, BS 5871-3:2005 & BS 493:1995
Complies with Building Regulation 2000 Approved Documents F (2004 edition) & J (2002 edition)
Complies with ‘The Scottish Building Standards’ Technical handbooks
Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008
Meets the requirements of British Gas
Satisfies NHBC Standards 2008


Material & colour choice

Manufactured by injection moulding in HIPS/Polypropylene
External brick/cowls in buff, brown, terracotta & white
Internal grilles are white as standard